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I was invited to be the opening keynote speaker at the first EuroSTAR roadshow in Warsaw. And if I would like to discuss “Test Improvement” please. This is a synopsis of some of the points I made and the audience liked.

I want my team to improve, but they are not allowed to change a thing…

Don’t think I’m joking, I’ve been given this “additional” assignment several times.
It might be based on the natural human fear of change, maybe it’s because it’s hard to leave your “comfort zone”.
People could be uncertain about their own role, now and in the future. In fact resistance usually originates from the fear of the social impact of the change: does it impact my career? does it affect my relation with my coworkers? And what about my career?


Dia26Getting the people involved in the change participate in making it, is an important step in overcoming this. Participation cannot simply be switched on or bought in a store. Be aware that it’s not based on being invited to meetings, discussion sessions and workgroups, it’s based on the feeling that people have about their role and influence on the changes at hand.


And yes, of course you can help them. Crucial is that helping people is NOT forcing them to do it “your way”. It is all about enabling them to do the best they can in their context. In other words: give them the means they can use in their situation.

Wherever you put the emphasis, “means they can use” has to be true.

  • The MEANS have to enable them to achieve what they want or need to achieve.
  • THEY have to use it, so it has to be in line with their skills.
  • Whether they CAN use it depends on their abilities and if they are allowed to use it.
  • If people choose to USE something it’s because they think/know/feel/hope/expect/… that using it enables them to do it better, faster and/or cheaper.


If you’re interested in the full presentation, you can see a video coverage of it at Test Huddle. You can also view it on SlideShare.

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