Passionate about testing

After graduating in Computer Sciences in 1989, a small start up convinced me to become one of their first junior testers. Although I did not fully understand what my job as junior tester exactly meant (testing and QA was definitely not part of my education), I did not need much convincing NOT to become a developer…

It was the right choice. I became very passionate about software testing, any aspect of it, any task in it. Once I get started, it’s hard to stop me talking, discussing and arguing about testing. No matter how strong the currents, how high the waves, I’ll survive like the post in the Adriatic Sea. And become even more passionate about it.

I was fortunate to be allowed to play almost any possible role in testing (tester, team lead, test manager, test trainer, coach, sales, unit manager, consultant, tool specialist, architect, author, speaker, …) in a variety of situations, environments and companies.

I discovered that I had (and developed) several skills that helped me become a successful tester. Amongst others:

Characteristics of a tester I happen to have (developed)

Characteristics of a tester I happen to have (developed)

A few years ago, I came across a striking list of characteristics that differentiates managers from leaders:

To meet the challenges we face, we need to create a culture within our profession that cultivates and creates leadership, without throwing away the required management skills.