Compact Test Process Improvement

I’ve presented this tutorial together with Martin Pol at several STAREAST and STARWEST conferences.

It’s always good to see that through interaction and team work, some of the best ideas for improvement are born. The results of one of these sessions can be found here.


Formal test improvement models such as TPI NEXT®, TMMi®, and CMMI® require formal assessments, process change working groups, extensive implementation programs—and very often call for organizational changes for implementation. Compact Test Process Improvement makes it possible for you to quickly implement changes within normal day-to-day activities to improve the testing process incrementally. It represents a way to select and implement a set of activities that rapidly improve testing’s contribution to project success. With examples and case studies, Martin Pol and Ruud Teunissen show you how to apply Compact TPI in practice. Join in this hands-on session and create a custom improvement plan for your team and organization. When you return to the office, you’ll be ready to get started on a systematic path for test improvement.

TPI NEXT® is a registered trademark of Sogeti USA LLC. TMMi® is the registered trademark of the TMMi Foundation. CMMI® is a registered trademark of the Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University.


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