Exploring Old-fashioned Test Design Techniques

I’ve presented this track at STAREAST in Orlando, Florida.


Structured test design techniques have been around almost as long as testing itself. Some people even call them old school and out-of-date. Join Ruud Teunissen to examine why test design techniques have been and always will be useful to testers. Explore the well-known—and often ignored—principles of equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, condition/decision coverage, and operational use. Learn—or relearn—how to use these techniques no matter what application context you’re in: cloud, web services, end-to-end, or mobile. Structured test design techniques help you achieve predictable test coverage in a transparent and reusable way and focus testing based on risks within imposed constraints. Ruud helps you hone your craftsmanship for testing functionality, stress and performance testing, security testing, and usability testing. Get back to the basics with these “old-fashioned” test design techniques and enhance your test process with risk-based goals.

It’s good to see that old-fashioned does not mean outdated.



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