Reliable Effort Estimation

I’ve presented this tutorial at several EuroSTAR, STAREAST and STARWEST conferences and several other ones as well…

The best thing about this tutorial – based on the feedback I get from delegates – is that it does not require you to to change your approach to testing, but it helps you to improve your way of estimating and communicating about it.


How do you estimate your test effort? And how reliable is that estimate? Ruud Teunissen presents a practical and useful test estimation technique directly related to the maturity of your test and development process. A reliable effort estimation approach requires five basic elements: (1) Strategy – Determine what to test (performance, functionality, etc.) and how thoroughly it must be tested. (2) Size – Yes, it does matter—not only the size of the system but also the scope of your tests. (3) Expected Quality – What factors have been established to define quality? (4) Infrastructure and Tools – Define how fast you can test. Without the proper organizational support and the necessary tools, you’ll need time you may not have. (5) Productivity – How experienced and efficient is your team? Join Ruud to improve your test estimations and achieve more realistic goal setting and test strategies.

Effort Estimation


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