Test Management for Cloud-based Applications

I’ve presented this tutorial at several STAREAST and STARWEST conferences.


Because the cloud introduces additional system risks—Internet dependencies, security challenges, performance concerns, and more—you, as a test manager, need to broaden your scope and update your team’s practices and processes. Ruud Teunissen shares a unique approach that directly addresses more than 140 new testing concerns and risks you may encounter in the cloud. Learn how to identify cloud-specific requirements and the risks that can ensue from those requirements. Then, explore the test strategies you’ll need to adopt to mitigate those risks. Explore cloud services selection, implementation, and operations. Then, take a dive in to the wider scope of test management in the cloud. Take back the ammunition you need to convince senior management that test managers should participate during the cloud services selection to help avoid risks before implementation and, further, why you should work with IT operations to extend test activities after the system goes live.

Cloutest - Architecture


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