EuroSTAR 2015

When the EuroSTAR team called me a few weeks before the 2014 conference, I expected some questions about the talk I was invited to give. To my surprise, they asked a completely different question: “Would you like to be the EuroSTAR programme chair for 2015?” Since it is the first international test conference I attended [1996, Amsterdam], spoke at [1999, Barcelona] and a conference I was able to attend over 13 times, I was honoured and exited and of course I said yes. I gladly accept the challenge of being programme chair of the greatest European Conference on Software Testing Analysis and Review and make this a memorable one together with the EuroSTAR team.

EuroSTAR 2015 - Maastricht, The Netherlands

EuroSTAR 2015 – Maastricht, The Netherlands

Picking the conference theme was not as difficult as I expected it to be. Delegates enjoy inspirational talks from those that are truly involved in operational testing. They value a conference where good and bad experiences as well as lessons learned and almost forgotten are shared. They want to take home tips, tricks, and good practices. Last but not least, they want to share the passion for their craft and be inspired. That’s why the theme for EuroSTAR 2015 is “Walking the Testing Talk”.

Please visit the EuroSTAR website for more information on the theme and the call for submissions.


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