Starting something new

After 14 years, 4 months and 23 days, it’s time to say goodbye to Polteq and move on. On January 1st, I joined ASML where I will work on the most innovative products in our industry. At ASML I will contribute more directly than before to the development and improvement of technologically high-quality products. I am given the task, together with a number of colleagues, to raise the quality of development and testing within ASML. For me the chance to discover a new world with all the experience that I have been able to gain during my career.

Polteq has played a crucial role in my life since 2004: challenging projects, developing and providing training, speaking at conferences around the world as well as various roles within Polteq itself. This enabled me to develop myself and discover what my strengths (and weaknesses) are. To me, it will always be very special that I was given the opportunity to work closely with Martin Pol and Marjolein Steyerberg – the founders of Polteq – and thereby was able to contribute directly to Polteq. I truly enjoyed that and I am incredibly proud of that.

Why leave? Because the time has come – after being a contractor for 29 years and 2 months – to join a different type of organisation full of new challenges.


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